How to measure the success of your video?

Once we shared the final version of the video online, we often forget to monitor its effectiveness and to determine whether we managed to deliver the message to the target audience. In this article, we present some key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help you evaluate whether you were able to meet your communication goals. By monitoring the performance of your video it will be easier for you to identify whether your goals have been met, and to decide on the adoption of the materials and paid promotion when they were not.

The number of views

Is the video successful if it has had lots of views? Not necessarily. The most important thing is to reach as many individuals as possible who are willing to buy the product or service. When irrelevant content often appears to users who are not interested in it, this can result in a negative perception of the company and brand. We need to achieve the highest possible view rate of users interested in our content who are willing to buy what we have to offer.

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The reach tells us how many people encountered the content. If the reach is high, but the number of reactions to the post is low or negative, we need to reconsider the communication and promotion plan. We may have targeted our audience too wide, and reached people who were not interested in the content. Another reason could be that the content was not well prepared. The issue may lie in the tone of the communication, a poor selection of actors, or technical reasons (poor picture and sound quality). In the worst-case scenario, negative reactions can reflect poor positioning or the reputation of the brand on the market. In the end, the reason is not important, as long as we identify the issue soon enough and fix it.

Viewing time and number of clicks

It is not only important how many people your video reaches, but also how many individuals click it and watch it to the end. You can increase the number of clicks by:
– Better positioning of the video at the top of your website, or pinning it to the top of the social media site;
– Attractive naming of the video and a nice cover image;
– A clear and interesting video description;
– Placing the video on different communication channels.

Make sure the video will lead interested users to your website, where they will be exposed to other information about your company’s portfolio.

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Return of investment 

Regardless of the purpose of the content, it is important that you are able to meet and support the goals you have set prior to starting the promotion. The promotional videos of your products and services should of course lead to better recognition of your company on the market, and subsequently higher sales. Educational content, on the other hand, should increase the knowledge of your employees, which will result in a lower number of work errors, higher efficiency, better customer support (when training for customer service), and innovation. Your content can have its own final purposes, or it can also support the wider purpose of your organization (e.g. environmental awareness).

After sharing your video with the target audience make sure you monitor all of the above KPIs. They will provide feedback which will help you to improve your content and promotion plan.