Connecting with GenZ requires a different approach

New generations are entering the labour market, requiring companies to establish a different way of communicating. GenZ, which grew up with technology and social media, cannot be properly addressed and persuaded by traditional advertising approaches. Companies can attract their attention mainly by high-quality and interactive content that is consistent with the lifestyles of the younger generations. Communication with GenZ should be continuous, open, and two-way.

The most popular format among the younger generation, which also dominates social networks, is certainly video. Last year GenZ spent up to four hours a day watching different kinds of video content. It is widely accessible, easy to share, and offers many opportunities for young people to engage with the content.

Which communication channels should be used?

When searching for information on companies and their products and services, GenZ relies mostly on social media. Their purchase decisions are made not only based on the quality of the products and services, but also on the sustainability and social responsibilities of the companies that produce them.

Last year GenZ spent most time watching video content on the online streaming platform YouTube, followed by Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. You can find more information on social media use in this article.

When you are trying to establish solid communication with younger generations of employees, you need to prepare different educational video content, which will prepare them for the upcoming tasks and enable them to gain more knowledge on a regular basis.


A shorter video is not necessarily a better option

The latest research suggests that after watching a shorter version of the video online, 59% of GenZ tend to explore the topic further and are willing to watch a longer version of the video. This means that companies should consider preparing longer as well as short versions of the content, enabling GenZ to engage with the content at a deeper level.

Quality content is the key!

To persuade GenZ, companies must prepare quality content which highlights company values, social responsibility, and environmental topics regardless of whether they want to promote their products or attract talent to their job vacancies.

GenZ are striving to have a long-term relationship with brands. When companies’ communication is genuine and consistent, they also stay loyal to specific brands for longer than previous generations. GenZ are more aware of environmental issues, and make purchase decisions based on the sustainable development of companies. They expect companies to demonstrate social responsibility and collaboration with the local environment. Encouraging diversity and equality in the workplace seems to be quite significant for them too.

Let GenZ take care of content creation!

GenZ can be a valuable source of information, and they should be participating in the video content creation of your company. Let them support you in search of interesting communication topics, communities, and projects. Select a few as company ambassadors. Have in mind that their communication should stay spontaneous, open, and transparent.