When to use an explainer video

The explainer video is still among the most popular content types on the global online platform YouTube. This popular genre for tech influencers is now also growing in popularity for companies, which are starting to recognize its potential, especially when it comes to presenting complex products, services, work processes, and themes.

Products and their use

When launching new products and services, providing upgraded versions, and giving users instructions, tech companies use an explainer almost every time. This type of content enables them to explain to users how to connect devices to a wider ecosystem or include them in a smart home.

An explainer can also be used to ease the burden of the customer services department. One or more videos can contain instructions on how to deal with simple technical issues and summarize the most frequently asked questions that the company receives from its clients. This can reduce the workload of customer services staff and enable users to solve some of their issues more quickly.

Software solutions and apps

An explainer is quite often used by software and app development companies. They can help to provide information about the modules and functionalities of the products. Videos can support the implementation of new tools, and provide support while employees are still learning how to complete certain work tasks in a new environment. IT solution


Work procedures or internal standards 

An explainer can also be used when trying to present the whole or part of the work process, regulations or company policies to business partners, sub-suppliers, and employees. This overview will help them understand your way of working. Based on better understanding they can than provide you with the best possible solutions for the challenges your company is trying to overcome.production


Understanding extensive topics

Some areas of expertise are more complex to understand, and usually legislation is one of these. An explainer is ideal for presenting difficult topics in a simplified and attractive way. One of the most common situations requiring proper communication is certainly company reorganization. Explainer videos can be used to present organizational changes, new organizational charts or procedures in an unambiguous way.