Capture the attention of top talent with an appealing employment video

The current shortage in the labour force and the entry of new generations into the labour market are encouraging companies to search for new ways to attract potential employees. Employment search activities are moving online. To attract the attention of younger generations, companies are deciding to produce one or several videos; in this article, we summarize the answers to the three most frequently asked questions about this type of video.

What should the employment video consist of?

It should present the values of your company, so that you can attract the attention of people that already share the same values. Potential employees are usually also eager to know what the relationships and work atmosphere are like. Your video should include some clips of everyday work scenarios; based on these, potential employees will get a better impression of the job position and work tasks. It is also important to display teamwork and the atmosphere of your company.

Who to feature in the video?

This depends on the currently vacant posts. You should include people who are already employed in those positions or in that department. Posts are best presented through an interview with a current employee, allowing the candidates to identify with that person. Besides the job description/work tasks, it is also important to present the promotion and training possibilities, and give future employees some information about the onboarding process and mentorship programme available within the company. Statements should be provided by employees who have been with the company for some time, since they can talk about the strengths of working for the company, reconciling work and family life, and annual company activities and events.Employees


Where should you publish the employment video?

The best way to reach appropriate candidates for vacant positions is online. Advertising online enables you to define your target group very precisely. On social media you can reach people based on their age, educational background, interests, and current job position. Before you decide on a paid promotion, ask your employees if they can help you spread the word. The video will be even better accepted if shared by your employees, as it then sends the message that the current employees are satisfied with their work and proud to work for your company. However, bear in mind that you can only ask employees to share the content – they are by no means obliged to do so.